7 Costly Moving Mistakes

7 Costly Moving Mistakes

Moving into a new home can be stressful, and the costs associated with transferring your belongings to your new residence don’t make the process any better.

This video shares seven costly moving mistakes that you can avoid during your next move! You can also read the transcript below.

Even the best planned move can be chaotic at times, but there are common mistakes people make that cost both time and money. . .

1. The first mistake is to pack everything. You’ll save some money by not transporting unnecessary items to your new home.

2. Another costly mistake is sending [all of your belongings] to storage. Take all of your household items to your new home the first time.

3. Don’t shop the internet for moving quotes without talking to a live person. You’ll have specific questions for the mover.

4. Many homeowners don’t check their homeowners insurance for information about covering their possessions during the move.

5. Don’t forget to photograph items before the move. Filing a claim will be easier with proof of what it looked like.

6. Keep track of the box count as your belongings are packed. Fewer boxes will cost less. (Extra hint: visit local stores to see if they have extra boxes that they don’t need. Many will give them to you for free!)

7. Finally, do not forget to create an inventory so you know if something has been left behind in the move.

Avoiding these common mistakes will make for a smoother move.


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