Seasonal Changes in Home Buying

Seasonal Changes in Home Buying


Idaho is known for having all four seasons–just one of the many reasons people love to move to the Gem State. Have you ever wondered when the best time to buy a home in Boise is? It’s important to be cognizant of every aspect of the housing market to get the most out of your home buying or selling, and that includes the time of year. Each season has specific aspects it brings with it. The housing market has its own fluctuations, and seasonal cycles are definitely a part of it.



The housing market usually experiences a big jump in March. Many families want to be in their next home before all the summer plans begin. Buyers will want a realtor that can help them win bidding wars, especially with today’s improving economy. Sellers can price their homes a bit higher as it is more in demand. They benefit from the greener grass, blooming flowers, and brighter skies to help with visual appeal.



In Idaho, summer is home to hot, sunny weather, active lives, and vacations. For those that have waited until this time but still want to get moved before school starts, there’s a bit of a time crunch. You will want to have a good Capital Group agent beside you to help you find a quality house for a decent price. Capital Group agents are known for giving customized customer service to assist their clients with their specific and individual needs. If you’re looking to sell, you may be able to command a bit higher of a price, because, generally, there are more buyers searching for homes during this time.



Fall can be a great time to save money for buyers that don’t have to worry about changing schools during the school year. Also, for those who are moving within the same school district, it can save you money to buy right after school starts. Generally speaking, once the kids start school, most family buyers are either settled, or have decided to wait until the end of the year. That means fewer buyers are on the market as the weather cools and they adjust to school schedules, so watch the housing market in the less popular fall season for some potentially great deals.



Winter is generally a hard time to sell houses because people don’t want to move in the winter due to the cold, wet weather and the holidays. You could easily be stuck selling your home for thousands less than you would in the spring or summer. That being said, savvy buyers can use this window of opportunity for amazing savings. Also for sellers, this can be a good time to get your house ready to sell a bit later in the year. Your Capital Group agent
will be able to advise you how to use the housing market. They are talented enough to save you money, even if you need to sell or buy quickly in the winter months.


While you can buy or sell a house in every season, Boise, perhaps, experiences a less extreme version of the seasonal housing market changes because all of its seasons are mostly pleasant. However, you don’t want to go on your own– without an agent or not utilizing your agent– because you will lose the advantages each season can bring you. Find a Capital Group agent to help you buy or sell today.





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