9 Fast and Simple Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

9 Fast and Simple Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

You are already on your way to making some savings if you’re enthusiastic about DIY projects. With only a few hundred dollars, you can upgrade the aesthetic of an entire room with just one properly planned project. Here are some low budget home upgrades that will cost you less than $500, with some going for way less than that.


Paint1. Repaint to refresh

A coat of paint has the power to reposition your reality. Cleanse your decorating sins with virgin white or simply give your dull, washed-out walls a surge of awakening depth by picking up a can of paint. It is no wonder that painting is the most taken up DIY home renovation upgrade. Cost: ~ $150     



Crown Molding2. Have a go at crown molding

You will find crown molding on top of most revamp lists. This is because it adds charm to your home and enhances its appeal and aesthetic value. Cost: ~ $120




3. Finish your kitchen cabinets flawlesslyKitchen Cabinets

This a perfect kitchen makeover. Provided that the frames and doors are still well structured, you can bump your kitchen from dreary to sunny within just a weekend. All you have to do is clean the cabinets and brush on some fresh paint. You will need a heavy-duty cleaner, a paintbrush, a sanding machine, some sandpaper and a bit of elbow grease. Cost: ~ $200


4. Spice up your kitchen with a peel & stick backsplashBacksplash

Putting up a peel-and-stick backsplash could be your redeemer and saving grace if fitting a traditional tile backsplash is not within your DIY league.  There are many different colored and patterned tiles to choose from and no grout or tools are needed for the project. This is a one-weekend project a lot of DIY amateurs can confidently conquer. Cost: Starting at $5 per square foot



Bathroom5. Spiff up the bathroom

The bathroom is nearly as vital as the kitchen to homebuyers. Fitting new fixtures is a fairly cheap way of giving your bathroom a face-lift and improving its functionality. You could also add a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets and fix up the floor with low-cost vinyl. These are other economical and simple fixes to pep up your bathroom. Cost: Starting at $50




6. Flower-up without spending a dime

One of the best ways of thinning flower varieties that clump together is by segmenting perennials every 3 to 6 years. By doing so, you can stimulate growth, manage plant size, and increase the number of specimens in a garden as well. A great rule of thumb is to separate perennials that bloom in the summer and fall at the end of summer or ahead of the fall frost. Cost: Free


Deck7. Revamp your old deck

In just a week, you can easily refurbish unkempt wood back to respectability. Restore a semblance of newness by power-washing and hand-scrubbing the deck. Thereafter, add a protective coat of semi-transparent stain for protection from the elements. Voila! Cost: ~ $80 



Vinyl Tile8. Refurbish laundries and mudrooms with low-cost flooring

Vinyl tiles became very popular due to their colorfulness, resistance to cracking and ease of cleaning. The tiles are 12 by 12 inches in size and come in a variety of textures, colors and patterns. This makes creating checkerboard designs and floors with contrasting borders almost effortless. Cost: ~ $2 per square foot                                                                                               


Lighting9. Let there be light

If the lights in your dining and living rooms are recessed and lackluster, you could consider swapping one of the room’s lights with a captivating chandelier. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of low-priced and appealing ceiling fixtures at home stores that can appeal to homebuyers. Cost: ~ $50    



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