Boise Cul-de-sac And Corner Lots For Sale


Over the years one of the top reasons why people have moved to Boise is to avoid having to live close to neighbors and they have been able to do that by purchasing homes built on corner or cul-de-sac lots.


Boise Corner Homes For Sale

One of the huge benefits that comes with living on a corner lot in Boise is the fact that a corner lot means you can enjoy your privacy and open your curtains in the morning without your neighbors being able to see into your home and you will feel like you will be able to enjoy the feeling of homeownership and the benefits that owning a home offers you.


Corner lots many times offer more yard space in the front and backyards so you will also have more space for your children to play, enjoy camping out during the summer nights, space to store your boat, RV, bikes or other toys that you enjoy during the course of a normal year.



Cul-de-sac lots are also safer for families with children because parents have the ability to see directly out onto the street, monitor who is coming and going, plus have confidence in letting their children play without having to be concerned about speeding traffic through the neighborhood if their child’s ball or toy might roll out onto the street.


Enjoy Your Privacy And Affordability

You might pay a higher price for homes with privacy in other states but Boise corner lots and cul-de-sac homes are certainly more affordable and you can find homes here that will fit any budget including properties in the low $100,000’s and up.


Boise Idaho is the perfect destination for anyone who still wants the ease and convenience of the big city while being close to outdoor attractions. Here you’re just minutes away from the Boise river so you can be fishing, hiking or biking at the end of your work day or you can enjoy a concert, the annual Shakespeare Festival, local restaurants, nightclubs and so much more.

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