Estimate Your Buyer Closing Costs

Estimate Your Buyer Closing Costs

There are typically 3 Types of Expenses for a buyer when they are purchasing real estate. The amounts for these services vary widely within regions and according to the price and type of property.

Lender fees:

If a buyer is working with a lender, that lender has to supply the buyer with a good faith estimate within 72 hours of completion of the loan application. Typical lender fees which vary depending on the loan program include but are not limited to:

Title Expenses

  • Title Search

  • Title Insurance

  • Points

  • Processing Fees

  • Origination Fees

Closing Fees

  • Attorney Fee (if you’re an attorney state).

  • Title Company Fee

Other Fees

  • Taxes (pro-rated)

  • HOA (pro-rated)

  • HOA start-up fees

  • Home Owner Insurance

  • Home Inspection

  • Appraisal

  • Survey

  • Termite and Pest Inspection

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