5 Things That Won’t Hurt Your Credit Score

5 Things That Won’t Hurt Your Credit Score

Most of us know about what hurts our credit score, but what about those things you aren’t sure about? Watch the video below to learn about five things that won’t affect your credit score. You can also read the transcript below.

These days we’re all trying to improve, as well as avoid damaging our credit. Did you know however, that some things don’t matter either way? From credit.com advisor, Christine DiGangi, here are 5 situations that will not impact your credit score.

First, while you can only build credit by using a credit card, using debit instead of credit now and then will not adversely affect your credit score.

Second, while a pay cut or job loss may negatively affect your standard of living, your income is not part of your credit report, and your score won’t suffer as long as you continue to pay your bills.

Third, applying for credit results in a credit inquiry, which can lead to a slight drop in scores. But whether you’re approved or denied has no bearing on your credit score.

Fourth, a brief hiatus from using your credit cards won’t ding your scores. It can actually help if you significantly improve your debt-to-credit ratio.

And fifth, while a spouse’s low credit score could hurt your chances of getting joint credit in the future, the simple act of getting married will not harm the credit score you have earned.

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